7 Tips on starting your day!

20170829_113129How do you find yourself starting your day? Wake up, hit that annoying alarm clock, groan, roll over and cover your head with your blanket? Yep that sounds familiar and use to be me.  Don’t get me wrong that still happens every now and again.  Hopefully Some things that have helped me start my day on a positive note may be of aide to you.

Here are a few of those tips to start your day on a POSITIVE note:

  1. Prepare the night before.  If you have a job, make sure your outfit is picked out the night before, your lunch is packed, or any work that needs to be done for the day ahead is done.
  2. Getting washed up. Every night, before I get into bed I wash my face, not only for the hygiene aspect, but it washes away the day and gets me ready to start a new one the next morning. (Plus that makeup left on isn’t a pretty site in the morning)
  3. Waking up. Use an alarm that gradually gets louder. Maybe even a comforting noise (I know it has to be loud enough to wake you up) but not that loud screeching noise.
  4. I love coffee. After I get my coffee I always make sure to make my bed. (unless it’s the weekend) then I tend to spend a little bit more lazy time in my bed.  Making my bed makes me feel like I’ve already accomplished something. It’s quick and easy to do.
  5.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yea Yea we’ve all heard that saying…..BUT..Make sure to always eat breakfast! I know, some of us feel like you just don’t have time in the morning for eating. Or some of us just may not be hungry in the morning.  That morning meal will give you energy and make your mind sharper.
  6. Pray.  This one is an optional. Not everyone is spiritual but prayer is a big part of my life so I start and end my day with a prayer.  I feel connected to my higher power which makes me feel calm, relaxed and secure.
  7. Reflect. I think about ways I can do better and be better than the day before.  If I owe any apologies, if I can try harder that day to be the person God has chosen me to be.

I go about my day in the most positive way I can.  When things get in my way I try to think positive, I think about how some things are out of my control. And THAT IS OKAY.  I think of the best solution to the situation. Or realize that the situation is out of my hands. To Let GO, and  Let God.  I try not to have any resentments, owe any apologies and if I do I make those apologies (even if I have to push myself super hard) haha. I’ve noticed these ways of starting and ending my day help a lot in my daily life. Hopefully you can take some of these tips…some you can just leave if they don’t apply to you!


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