What to stop doing to get started on being happier..

Sometimes you may think to yourself, what am I doing wrong that is making me unhappy? There are certain ways to go about things to make you a lot happier and to make life a lot easier on yourself!

Here are some things to stop doing to make you happier in the long run.

  1. Stop setting too many goals all¬†at once.¬† Goals are GREAT! Don’t get me wrong.¬† The key words are “all at once”. Take your goals one at a time so you do not get over whelmed.¬† I know if I tend to set multiple goals all at once I get discouraged and sometimes give up.¬† Setting small goals one at a time sets you up for a greater chance of success.¬† Start small then go BIG.
  2. Stop trying to control everything.¬† Let Go and Let your higher power take over.¬† Taking life as it comes and goes gives you a positive mind set and lessens the pressure of being in control.¬† There is always things and events that are out of our control.¬† Sometimes when trying to control those events we feel as if we’re failing, when meanwhile we have zero control over the obstacle.¬†¬† I truly believe by the motto “everything happens for a reason”.
  3. Stop doing everything for everyone else.¬† Believe me 95% of the time they can do it themselves!! I need to focus on this a lot more myself.¬† For example, for my daughters…I find myself doing things for them that they are capable of doing for themselves.¬† This isn’t necessarily helping them, it¬†teaches them how¬†not to be responsible for themselves.¬† Take a step back and observe the situation before acting. You will feel a lot less pressure. Focus on you.
  4. Stop refusing to take the first step. You can be happy as long as you are willing to change the negative habit in your life.  Take that first step in becoming a better YOU.
  5. Stop trying to impress others.  Sometimes this can be a hard one.  Especially for younger adolescents.  Believing that you are perfect the way you are.  Another persons opinion about you has nothing to do with you.  God has made you the way you are, and you are perfectly made.

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