Self Love


Positive Body Image

Hi there! Today I want to talk about loving yourself.  No one can tell you to simply stop disliking your body and the way you feel about yourself (well they can, but you may choose to not listen).  The good news is there are ways to improve that stinkin’ thinkin’.  It’s a journey that takes some practice.

Make sure to start by reminding yourself daily that personality and what is inside is what shows true beauty.  You could be a model and if your personality is always negative and rude towards others that is a huge turn off.  Tell yourself you’re beautiful.  That seems weird ,I know.  Believe me when I tell you it is crucial.  Just like my picture above “your body hears everything your mind says”.  If you’re constantly looking in that mirror and picking out every flaw you see, your mind will believe it.  Start by looking in the mirror daily and picking out one thing you see that you love.  It may simply be your smile.  Maybe you have gorgeous eyes. Or maybe you’re having an AWESOME hair day! Tell yourself that.   Everyone is unique and HAS TO have something that they love about themselves.  Start small and work your way up.  You will notice a difference on the confidence you grow.

When you don’t respect yourself you will notice other’s won’t respect you.  Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself.  You know, Cheerleaders! not the ones who cheer on the football players.  The cheerleaders that are friends who wish nothing but the best for you and cheer you on to have a successful and happy life.

Don’t compare yourself to others.  This day and age there are magazines that women and men are airbrushed to look flawless.  You have to think realistic and know that this is not true life.  I get frustrated often because there are young girls and boys growing up seeing those images and comparing themselves to those singers/actresses/ and models.  If they only knew that it takes one click to get rid of a huge pimple for those magazines.  It’s just our nature to compare ourselves to others ,but do yourself a little favor and little by little try to do it less.  Embrace every feature and gift that God has given you.

Another good way to start loving yourself is to pamper yourself! Splurge! Get your nails done, get your hair done.  If you’re on a budget you can get a nice long bubble bath or paint your nails, listen to some music alone, read a good book or take a nice quiet walk.  Do something for YOU.  It always feels good to take care of ourselves.

Spend less time worrying about the way you look and try to direct your energy on helping someone.  You will find that doing this will not only get your mind off of the negative thoughts it will always make you feel so good inside.

We ALL have flaws and something we do not like about ourselves but if we try to embrace that we are different.  Maybe we think our nose is big or our lips are small ,but this is what makes us unique. We can live a less stressed out/ less insecure life when we stop putting ourselves down and start loving ourselves.  God has made each one of us unique and special.

Show yourself some love today by practicing some of these little pointers and I pray you feel good about yourself because you are beautiful!

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