When life does not go as planned

  Life can throw us curves at times.  It happens and will continue happening.  But that’s okay!!! We have two choices…Do we let that keep us down or do we keep on fighting those bad days?  Here are a couple ways that help me overcome those curves.

*Be Patient– time takes time.

*Be Calm– instant gratification is the number one distraction to staying positive. I want it and I want it now right? No.  Breath and Believe that better things are on their way.

*Recognize your blessings.- what helps me is to make a gratitude list.  Instead of focusing on the negative in my life I think about all of the blessings that God has given me.

*Live in the NOW– projecting about the future and the “what if ” will not benefit you.  Taking things as they come will help focus less on the negative.

*Trust in God– know that God has a better plan.  Sometimes this is hard to understand or you don’t understand why something is happening.  Understanding that it’s God’s will and not yours will help ease your frustration.

You can live through many hard circumstances.  Have faith in the hard times. The hard times we go through make us appreciate those good times even more.

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