We Have To or We Get To??

     My life brings me much delight.  However, my life brings me lots of to-dos.  Some days, more than others.  I don’t mind being busy..I actually prefer the busy-ness.  But, sometimes it can become overwhelming.

Sometimes, when I get my list all scrawled out on paper, my mind starts racing and the “poor me” soundtrack that results from just looking at the list.

  • Poor me….this house is a mess.
  • Poor me…I have so much laundry that is never really finished.
  • Poor me..I don’t feel like exercising today ,but I have to or else my mind will tell me that I’m lazy.
  • Poor me..I have to figure out what to make for dinner..and if there’s nothing to make I have to actually venture out to the grocery store.
  • Poor me…I have to cook dinner, clean up after.
  • Poor me..I have so many places to drop the girls off and pick them up.

POOR, POOR, pitiful me!

However, how about I hit the restart button and instead of that poor me attitude I change it to gratitude? I GET TO DO THESE THINGS.

This house is a mess because we live here.  We have a house.  My kids are only young for so long and someday I will miss this mess that they make.  The laundry that I have to do? We have clothes that we’re able to wear. I don’t have to go grocery shopping. I get to do this errand- because I have enough money to purchase food.

Do I walk around as Miss Positive Polly? Do I always think this way?? Of course NOT! So do not beat yourself up.  I have to work on directing my thinking constantly.  It takes work ,but instead of being miserable it is such a better way to live.  I’ve said it so many times.  Gratitude changes so many things.  It truly makes living so much better.

Being sympathetic for others is a blessing and a curse for me.  I am a very empathetic person.  I really hate to see others suffer or struggle.  It sometimes actually consumes me.

I believe I got that trait from my Mother and Grandmother.  These women would/will give their last dollar to someone.  I am NOT tooting my own horn.  I’m simply saying, I like to give and it hurts me when someone is going through a rough time.

Being thankful and grateful is a good trait to have. I invite you to try to insert it into your daily lives ,as I work to do it myself.  I don’t have to. I get to. And thankfully I get to.

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