Uncertainty. The Unknown.

   Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the US. I am one of those 40 million. There’s prescriptions for it. Does it make it disappear? No. Does it help? Sometimes.

I’ve always struggled with uncertainty.  I like to know what the future holds.  This is something I’ve wrestled with since childhood. The AA slogan -Let Go and Let God- is something I try to practice ,but sometimes it’s difficult for me. I give it to him and quickly take it back.

  If you’re similar to me, know that you’re not alone.  Especially, during this time of uncertainty that we ALL around the world are experiencing right now. It’s a scary time right currently.  Here are a couple of things that I’ve incorporated into my life lately.  Some days they come easier for me than others.

Obviously the big one is taking EVERYTHING One Day/Minute At A Time.

Feel. Feel your emotions. The good and bad. No matter how uncomfortable it may be..just feel.

Realizing sometimes life is just “simply” out of my hands.

What is it that I CAN control? There’s more I CAN control than what I CANNOT.

~{I can feel pain but still be positive}~

We can’t escape the pain and hurts of this world, and especially the stress of the unknown.  Joy is found in peace, inner peace.  It’s my job to find that inner peace.

I have found that it’s easier when I start the day full of peace and joy.  I can tackle my stress and worries head on.  There’s a quote that says “life is 10% of what happens to us ,but 90% how we respond”.  I’ve learned that I don’t need to be certain to live a good life.  I can’t control SO much of my life or what’s going to happen to me.  But I can control how I respond. I’m continuously shifting my mindset especially today. I encourage you do to the same. Stay safe Friends ❤

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