‘Negativity’ a not so pretty word.


Kind of a weird subject to post about beings my blog is about positivity ,right? Let’s face it, we come across a lot of negativity in our daily lives.  Between the news, politics, those angry little Facebook posts, that driver who cut you off on the way to work..etc.  There are many ways to avoid that toxic negative energy.  Today I choose to be present and try my hardest everyday to be positive. TRY is a big part of that. haha.  I’m human, we’re all human. Trying is all we can do!  Lets face it, some days are harder than others.

Here are some ways and some steps I like to take to avoid that negativity in my life today.

  1. SETTING BOUNDARIES– whatever I am not comfortable doing or whenever I feel threaten I need to speak up and stick with my gut feeling

2. STAYING AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE.  This is hard. Sometimes it’s a family member or someone you see on a daily basis. Even if you struggle try to think about how their mood has nothing to do with you and that they are just having a bad day.

3. NOT FOCUSING ON THE PROBLEM.  Try to find a solution.  Try to take a step back and look at the whole picture.

   4.   TRY NOT TO OVERTHINK!  I’m good at overthinking..believe me! Sometimes I create more havoc than need be and the situation turns out better than I had imagined. I myself need to look at the whole picture before creating that terrible picture in my head!

  5.  GET OUT THERE AND ENJOY NATURE.  Ahhh I love nature.  Nothing better than being outside in my opinion.  I suggest taking a walk to clear your mind.  Being outside gives me a freeing feeling.  To be able to appreciate all God has created.  While enjoying I get to clear my mind of all of the things that have been bothering me.

6CHOOSE WORDS WISELY.  It is so simple to lash out to someone who is being nasty to us.  It is always smart to think before I speak.  Surely I’ve opened my mouth before thinking and it has always gotten me into trouble.  It’s always best to take some time before replying to a harsh remark. Trust me on this one 🙂

7. PERFECTIONIST– I’m pretty sure this is my middle name!! Trying to make everything perfect and making sure everything is perfect for everyone is SO stressful!!! It’s draining and exhausting.  Not until I take care of myself can I take care of my family.  Something I’m working on daily.


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